What is twiup.com?

twiup.com helps you to find people you really care about. We do the time consuming tasks to keep you updated on tags/keywords you like. Browse our Twitter directory and vote for tweeps you like on different topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Then, how are auto-follow sites different?

First we do not auto-follow - period ! Our app's goal is to discover people you are interested in and find relevant. We provide you with an easy way to follow people you find interesting. We keep an eye on tags/keywords you want to be updated on (via results lists and/or summarized email).

What is the directory for exactly?

The directory allows you to vote for your favorite tweeps on specific categories and tags. Vote for people you find interesting and they will rise to the top of their categories.

Who's behind this appliccation ?

FrontPoint Systems, a web applications and development company based in USA and India