What is twiup.com?

twiup.com helps you to find people you really care about. We do the time consuming tasks to keep you updated on tags/keywords you like. Browse our Twitter directory and vote for tweeps you like on different topics.

Why would you need twiup.com

About twiup.com

FrontPoint Systems created this app to help you discover people you really want to follow.

What can you do?

Enter tags or keywords, on which you want to keep an eye. twiup.com will perform the time consuming search and allow you to take actions quickly.

Simpler is better, $3/month Now free.

We have only 1 plan, with a 25 tags/keywords limit. Contact us, in case you are looking for something specific to fulfill your need.

Membership services includes:

  • 25 tags/keywords twiup will get an eye on.
  • Easy way to follow people relevant to you.
  • Schedule your tweets
  • View peoples who don't follow back
  • Appear as featured on twiup directory.
  • Get daily summarized email notification (optional).